Visual Memory Research
The Genesis of Mnemonic Visual Systems 
Recurrent Dynamics in Excitable Media

Topic F18: Ambiguity

AMBIGUITY:  No images  are  instantaneously  re-cognizable. All  Images are subject to algorithmic manipulations .                                                                                                                          
Rorchsach ink-blot  tests.   As  interpreted  by  a viewer , the avowed semantic perceptions are  assumed to be significant in that Gestalten are being generated by  the underlying  biases of the  propositus , and  interpreted  by an astute clinician .   During the  scanning of any  real or pictorial  object,  as  graphic or environmental ,  a definitive  visual identification  hinges upon the observer's current  mindset,  the  expectations,  prior  experiences , concerns  and   physical orientation … When in states   of stress,  inebriation or  paranoia  or ecstasy, an explicit  hallucination may  be experienced , a  false interpretation briefly entertained
In unfamiliar dim or dynamic surroundings,  attention is  drawn first  to  motion,  or  to the location of highest luminous  contrasts;   thereafter  color clues, when available,  may  resolve ambiguity.  Color signals  are said to reach the human  sensorium ahead of  signals  of  motion or  form  (Snowden RJ  2002). For  aquatic  primeval  creatures the  early perception of spectral  color  or polarization  may  have had  survival  value. 

"Task-demands  can immediately reverse the effects of sensory-driven saliency in complex visual stimuli "  Koch C.2008.

Structural Geometry 

Scullard CR. 2006 describes  the hexagonal lattice the star-triangle transformations  to a star of David ..  

How to keep a reversible figure from reversing  ?   Tease out top-down and bottom-up processes .  or... insert chroma  or shadow.

Spatial Orientation:  The  initial perception of  a  horizontal  conformity of the  observer  with the observed  item  is  determinative in  an  interpretation  of an  ambiguous  image.  A tipping or tilting  of  the observer’s head  resets the  algorithmic process, delaying  a resolution. 

State Dependency: In a contemplative reflective  mood  the  viewing  of organic patterns can be enjoyed  as artistically  entertaining,  and  invites  illusory embellishments.  This  form of     "false  semantic morphing"  is  a  permissive   rather than  a  deliberative directed activity.  The visual illusions which emerge over several seconds  morph  toward  classic  renderings of landscapes, human figures and faces rather than  being  degraded perceptually to  simplified cartoon figures. For neonates, three- dots-geometry  is  compelling, and is autonomously sought- after (also   by adults) when  seeking a human component to an enigmatic  abstract display.

Heteromodal  Inputs:  Listening to music while watching a candle flame  incites  an apparent synchrony of  flicker  with music, and  exemplifies  illusory correlations  with causatively unrelated  heteromodal  signals.