Visual Memory Research
The Genesis of Mnemonic Visual Systems 
Recurrent Dynamics in Excitable Media

Topic A2: Templates as Perceived

Templates as Perceived in 
Vigilant  States...

The game-board or template  upon  which  vision  is inscribed  ( the mandala- platform ) ,  is  tethered  syntactically  to this  common  postural and gravitational field.. ( The  phenomenal  morphology and  kinetics  of   the  mandala  is described  in    Topic  D 10 )   Thus on-line  visual signals have instant confirmation of their images  projections  into the three dimensional  space,   by collaboration  with  the   "instantaneous  "  ( 80 ms ) signals  from the vestibular  and proprioceptive systems.
The  vestibular  signals  out-run the  laggard  120 ms   retino - oculomotor responses     The cognate signals from  all  three sources  are registered  " almost  simultaneously",  that is, within the  temporal  neural  constraints of  their specific sensory  networks... of Conscious perception or Default systems.  see  Topic  F 17, the Phantom Grid  .  
" The full activation  or   ignition  of specifically distributed binding circuits explains the near-simultaneity of early neurophysiological indexes of lexical, syntactic and semantic processing"  Pulvermüller F  2009


Templates as Perceived as
Hypnagogic and  Hypnopompic Images .  .  

While passing from Sleep-to-Waking-to-Sleep, "inter-ludal" visual experiences are not rare; fragmented   images  are  often witnessed when "in-limbo". 
Ohayon in 1996 found 20% of his 5,000 telephone  respondents claimed the hypnagogic images  noted predominately in their wake-to-sleep transitions.                       
Stickgold in 2000 reports the  hypnopompic recall-memories of a dozen subjects, both   normal and amnesiac.... Few other studies have attempted to link the role of a brain system in sleep to-waking transitions  seeking a role in cognitive performance during waking-status in limbo. 
The rapid descents into sleep may  hamper effective recalling of such fleeting visions, but the sleep-to-wake (hypnopompic) episodes allow prompt documentation by an awakening and motivated- investigator , IXP.   Engrams  with stereotypic  semantic  lexical content  are of major  interest .  . 
The various  images as   characterized here  are distinguished  by their specific  patterns  or contents,  modes of onset and offset, longevities, their  formal rendering styles and /or motilities and semantic  lexical content.

Onsets : Instantaneous ;  or  Emergent-  images  may  assemble  by aggregation of particles over about 3 seconds. 
Domains The cognitive field extents  witnessed   in limbo seldom extends beyond 30-40 degrees.

Evolutions .  Semantically un-related images may compete for segments of the overall cognitive visual space; usually there is switching of complete images... or insertions of map fragments,  beginning at the  focal center . 

 Scannability:  Illusory apparitions described by Gillespie in 1989 as "scannable," were of a two- dimensional flatness, non- representational and un-related to other images."  Pinker S 1998, "Mental image scanning is a process distinct from eye movements or eye-movement commands ... a perception of scannability may be a function of cognitive attentional direction."  
Audio-Visual Synesthesia .  On-line music or intrusive sudden sounds may precipitate novel images or change the dimensions, vigor or content of current illusory images. In limbo, audio drives visual
Fluid Waves ,  Vortices and Streams or currents; Spiral and Traveling Waves are seen arising from chaotic particulate motion.        

Textural and  Turing patterns : With all-over patterns of repetitive idiomorphs on Cartesian or polar coordinates, each idiomorph retains its own domain while displaying synchronized motility. 

Pictorial  Representations : Landscapes or Objects; Faces or Figures:  the grotesque facial distortions typical of the Charles Bonnet syndrome suggest that  fragments of images arise from the cortical facial-feature – file  recognition- center.

Manifestations of the Recursive  Lexical Engrams  are recency and  load-dependent  (see Topic  B5). 

[Also   seen " while awakening in limbo " are  the   Rotating Spiral Waves  and their transformations ,  viewed  during   the synaptic- hyperactive  generation of Reaction-Diffusion Systems,  and also an  occasional entoptic Turing- pattern.   [Topic D 12]