Visual Memory Research
The Genesis of Mnemonic Visual Systems 
Recurrent Dynamics in Excitable Media

Hardwired Visual Systems of the Brain

The  Hardwired VISUAL  Systems:   Antecedents of the Inculcate Semantic Engrams

Ocular Pressure and Micro-Circulation Dynamics  -
Topic A1

Templates Perceived in Altered States of Awareness - Topic A2

Circus Ternus,  Protocols, from 2004. Arnol’d Tongues and Turbine Effects - Topic C6

Entoptic  Disc Blind Spots mark the diameter  of  30-degree Field - Topic D8

Migraine Aura,  Observations of a Counter-Flow Dynamic - Topic D9

Mandala (the Polar Array)  Template -  Topic D10

Dark Adaptation and Helmholtz Entoptic Travelling Waves. - Topic D11

Rotating Spiral Waves and Transformations,1964.
Subjective Views of Reaction-Diffusion Systems, and Turing Patterns. - Topic D12

E 13 A Purple-green annular phenomenon at 40 Hz.   1964

E 14 Issues of the  autoregulation of perfusion. 

E14.1 Glaucoma and Perfusion.

E 15 Non- spectral Color Perceptions  and  Mach  Bands . 

E 16 Ionic Waves and  Pixels.

F 17 Visible Perception of Vestibular Signals.
The Phantom Grid.